According to GOST P 51551-2000, a protein-vitamin-mineral concentrate (PVMC, obs. PVMS) is a homogenous mixture of high-protein and mineral feeds powdered to a required degree and enriched with premixes containing biologically active supplements (vitamins, ferments, amino acids, microelements).

According to GOST Р 51095-97, premix is a homogenous mixture of microadditives and a filler.

Below is the definition for microadditives and fillers according to GOST Р 51095-97:

Microadditives - biologically active supplements (vitamins, ferments, hormones, amino acids, macro- and microelements, antibiotics) which stimulate animals’ growth and productivity and / or provide health protection.

Filler – type of mixed feed material serving as an agent for balanced distribution of microadditives and separation of chemically incompatible particles of biologically active substances along with making premix dissolve better in the base product.

To sum it up, PVMC are feed concentrates containing all necessary nutritional substances (vitamins, minerals and proteins). PVMC recipes are custom-designed taking into consideration base ration of a target animal.

Our experienced staff workers are happy to help you with designing custom PVMC recipes that meet demands of your organization precisely.