Forage mixtures

Forage mixtures

We make forage mixtures for use at your farm:

Наименование Fraction, mm Metabolic energy, MJ/Kg Crude protein, %
Forage mixture for farm poultry (with vital elements and mineral supplements) 3,2 216 10,97
Forage mixture for farm pigs (with vital elements and mineral supplements) 4,5 10,4 11,91
Forage mixture for farm bovine (with vital elements and mineral supplements) 4,5 10,6 12,1

Forage mixtures are a basis of feeding. Though they are NOT all-in-one and do not contain all necessary nutritional substances.

For better results they should be accompanied with vitamins, minerals and protein via supplements or foodstuff containing these missing elements. Farms and households often enrich forage mixtures with premixes and add fruits, vegetables and herbs of local origin. This allows them to reduce expenses substantially. Problem is that some extra expenses like cost of vitamins, vegetable seeds, labor (cultivation and handling) plus time periods of weight increment and other quantitative values (milk yielded, eggs incubated etc.) are often just not taken into consideration.

Specialized forage mixtures always contain vital elements and mineral supplements necessary for livestock farming thus being much more effective than simple feeding with grain mixtures or with some certain type of grain.

Common forage mixtures provide a good feeding basis but are far less effective than specialized ones because of their mediocre nutrition level.

Specialized complete feeds are key to the best possible result, that is why they are in high demand at large-scale farms and households. Considerably high cost of these feeds is quite justified by their well-balanced and thoughtfully designed recipes as well as high digestibility. There are recorded cases of substantial growth (doubling even) in milk yield, laying capacity and pig weight gain after shifting to specialized feeds.