Custom compounds

Custom compounds

When making order of 2 tons and more, you may also request production of special compounds according to your own recipes. Our experienced staff workers are happy to consult you on the ingredients and compounds that meet demands of your organization precisely. This feature is free of charge.

All our recipes are designed through specialized KormOptimaExpert software, and in compliance with zootechnical standards and regulations according to certain animal, poultry or fish species.

Each instalment comes with GOST certificate containing all the necessary information on mixed feed composition and quality. This information is also printed on the label of each pelt.

Our mixed feeds are rich with various supplements aimed at normalization of metabolic processes and gut micro biome as well as overall health care and protection. Our mixed feeds also contain premixes of vitamins and minerals plus feed phosphates.

Raw materials we use are environmentally safe. We not only check quality certificates but perform our own thorough quality check of actual raw materials.

Delivery by truck or by train is possible.

Please contact us by phone or e-mail to get updated prices.