About our factory

About our factory

At present day, OOO Koltsovo Mixed Feed Factory is a constantly developing enterprise with a wide range of activities: from the production of various types of mixed feeds for farm animals, to the warehouse storage services and railway cargo acceptance services, which clearly indicates proper practical application of all enterprise assets. Mixed feeds are distributed through advance payment, the assortment list is constantly updated, and recipes are improved with consideration of consumers’ needs and feedback. Production process is constantly being improved through introduction of new energy-saving technologies and installation of state-of-the-art equipment made by domestic manufacturers.

In years 2015-2016 a complete modernization has been carried out in the feed workshop. A pelletizing line, a crushing site, a doser area for powdery, protein, mineral and vitamin raw materials have been set up. A spraying unit for disseminating liquid components onto pelletized feed has been put into operation. This modernization allowed OOO Koltsovo Mixed Feed Factory to reach high level in feed production and overall production volumes.

Today, OOO Koltsovo Mixed Feed Factory is a modern, well-equipped feed enterprise that successfully accomplishes its mission of providing its customers with products of highest quality standards in strict accordance with the established shipment schedule. Factory’s maximum production volumes reach 18 000 tons per month.

OOO Koltsovo Mixed Feed Factory takes an active part in social and cultural life of the Melzavod microdistrict of the town Bolshoi Istok, providing all possible financial support to such social sectors as general education, preschool education and WWII veterans, and also provides organization and support of local cultural events (Village Day).

OOO Koltsovo Mixed Feed Factory takes part in a bunch of agricultural exhibitions and fairs where presents its production. In years 2016-2018 the company took part in the Agroindustrial Forum, where its production was awarded gold medals by the Ministry of Agriculture and Industry of the Sverdlovsk Region in the High Quality Products and New Types of Products nominations (2017-2018), and a bronze medal in the High Quality Products nomination (2016).